Online seminar Cyber Security and SME’s in a transnational context

September 16, 2021

Join us @ DIGINNO-COM3 Cybersecurity Online Seminar - 16th September for expert reviews and a panel discussion.

How can industrial SME’s utilise Cyber Security technologies in their production and business models?
How to raise awareness and promote solutions among SME’s? Have adequate solutions been developed that can inspire neighboring countries? The seminar is organised by Aalborg University Copenhagen (AAU) under the umbrella of the DINNOCAP project in cooperation with the COM-3 project.

Time: Thursday 16 Sept 2021, 13:00-15:30 CET/14:00-16:30 EET.

The seminar will
– Explore how knowledge derived from user-oriented research can be used by SME’s to adopt new technologies in the area
– Provide project partners and other industry associations with knowledge and inspiration for how to raise awareness and encourage SME’s to take up Cyber Security (CS) technologies

The challenge
One of the challenges in digitalization of SMEs is how to deal with CS issues. Larger companies have specialized resources to deal with security. They also know how to comply with regulation and laws on how to handle end users’/customers’ data in a proper manner. Most SMEs, however, do not have such resources and in most cases lack the competency to deal with the issues.

There are many stories of intruders that have hacked company systems and data with severe consequences for the businesses, e.g. financial costs in case of ransomwares, waste of time in cases of Denial of Service (DOS) attacks and loss of company data when Brute-force attack. In many cases, due to security issues and suboptimal processes in the companies, customer data are dealt with wrongly, resulting in comprising data protection and privacy regulations. This may have severe implications for the digitalization process in SMEs and can be seen as a barrier for ICT uptake.

The seminar will present
– Examples of current user-oriented research on technologies for preventing and detecting attacks.
– Examples on how these technologies are being used by SME’s, with a focus on experience from countries that have developed relevant countermeasures.
– Discussion on how to raise awareness of challenges and opportunities among SME’s and which joint transnational solutions/actions could be taken.

13:00 Welcome by Knud Erik Skouby, Professor, AAU

13:05 Why worry about cyber security? What happens if you don’t?
Jens Myrup Pedersen, Professor, AAU

13:20 Cyber security challenges and their impact on enterprises
Rasmus Lisby Fruergaard-Pedersen, Security Engineer, Kamstrup AS, Denmark

13:35 How can SME’s be encouraged to address CS issues?
Antti Nyqvist, Chief of Preparedness, Technology Industries of Finland

13:55 How can SME’s be encouraged to address CS issues?
Alexander Puzakov, Head of Computer Technology Sector, Baltic Federal University, Kaliningrad
Elena Kabakova, CEO, Association of Support Centers for SME’s of Kaliningrad Region, Russia

14:25 SME cases (tbc)

14:45 Panel debate
How can SME’s utilize knowledge on CS technologies?
Have adequate solutions been developed that can inspire neighboring countries?
How to make cyber security a competitive advantage?
How to raise awareness and promote solutions among SME’s?
Any transnational solutions/actions to develop and take further?
Jens Myrup Pedersen; Rasmus Lisby Fruergaard-Pedersen; Antti Nyquist; Alexander Puzakov; Mara
Jakobsone, LIKTA, Latvia

15:30 Wrap-up

Invited: Project partners from DINNOCAP and COM-3 as well as specially invited industry associations and government agencies dealing with SME digitalization.

Registration (free of charge):