Cybersecurity Skills Hubs

Project name: Cybersecurity Skills Hubs (CyberHubs)
Project objectives and main activities: enhance the cybersecurity skills ecosystem in Europe by establishing a network of 7 Cybersecurity Skills Hubs in Belgium, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Slovenia, and Spain, which will promote the development of digital skills in cybersecurity and support the development of a skilled cybersecurity workforce.

Project period: 1.02.2024-31.12.2026
Project budget: 1 500 000 EUR
Project partners: Lead partner DigitalEurope, Estonia (ITL, TalTech), Belgium, Spain, Creece, Lithuania, Slovenia, Hungary

Project activities supported by: European Union Erasmus+ program

Grete Soares de CamargoCyber Hubs project manager+372 5800 9836