Vision 2035

Vision of the Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications (ITL) of Information Society in 2035: SMART ESTONIA

The development of the information and communication technology sector depends on various factors ranging from the business environment and education policy to state governance. On the one hand, the share of value added by the ICT sector in the economy as a whole has greatly increased, the distribution of e-services has improved at state level, and significant investments have been made in the development of digital skills. On the other hand, the low level of digitalisation in the private sector and the growing shortage of qualified labour are causes for concern.

In order to make a new leap in development, some bold changes must be made. The long-term vision document of the Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications describes how bold changes can create better opportunities for everyone in Estonia.

According to ITL’s vision, by 2035 Estonia will have reached the forefront in digitalisation in both the private and public sectors, and serve as a model for others in this field. The vision is supported by three pillars: innovative and sustainable economy, smart people, and a bold state with a vision.

The innovative and sustainable economy in 2035 is oriented towards collaboration; it is the world´s most flexible implementer of new solutions and R&D results, and an exporter of this experience. The foundation of an innovative and sustainable economy is primarily based on research and development, and our goal is to achieve higher added value through productisation, servitisation and the bold implementation of research and development activities. Second, we need to participate in global high-value production chains through better harnessing of cooperation and the export potential of companies. The third component of an innovative and sustainable economy is moving towards a real-time functioning economy, for which the Estonian private sector must take a leap towards digitalisation and automation. In order for Estonia to have the world´s most automated and secure digital business environment that functions in real time, we must create new opportunities for data collection and usage.

We are smart people due to the technology applied in all fields of life and the development of a smart workforce. By 2035, Estonian people will stand out in the world with their technological knowledge and skills, as the acquisition of technology-related knowledge and skills is an organic part of every educational level and field. The prerequisites for this are acknowledging the work of our teachers by increasing their wages, as well as supporting teaching staff with new educational technology solutions. The labour shortage can be overcome with solutions such as using a smart workforce in Estonia and abroad, introducing cross-border workforce solutions, and creating an environment that supports the inclusion of foreign talents. In addition, Estonia will set an example worldwide by creating and implementing flexible employment relationships.

As a bold state with a vision, Estonia will stand out with its most user-friendly business and living environment, and most effective governance. By 2035, Estonia will have a business environment where the state focuses clearly on promoting innovation and makes decisions accordingly. Estonia will not be a low-wage country, and this is also reflected in smart foreign investments. Governance is not based on the presumption that a small state is expensive to maintain. The state only gets involved in the event of market failures.

E-services offer a comfortable user experience, and rule-based tasks and processes are automated using modern technologies, which boost overall efficiency and create an effective state. Estonia will be characterised by a stable tax environment where revenues grow steadily through increased productivity, not through tax increases or introducing new taxes. The living environment in 2035 will be comfortable, safe and sustainable. Estonia will be known for its notably user-friendly and accessible e-government services, and the activities that support the green transition take into consideration the interests of the business community and Estonian citizens.

This is smart Estonia.