Estonian ICT cluster

Your gateway to the e-Estonia powerhouse

We are a collaboration platform for enterprises, created to boost the development of new products and solutions and foster their export to the international market.

We help countries and organizations achieve world-class digital societies. Our ability to simultaneosly improve policy, organizational processes, and technology sets us apart. Estonian IT companies operate on a one-stop shop logic, offering strategy consulting, change management, and IT development for creating working e-solutions. Seamlessly working digital services increase the potential for economic growth and a higher quality of life. 

Through Estonian ICT cluster You can:

  • Have access to the most dynamic network of Estonian ICT companies
  • Share knowledge and experience with highly innovative e-solutions developers
  • Find the right business partners

What we can do for You:

  • Provide political and legal drafting consultation
  • Help with capacity building
  • Support change management
  • Technology implementation
  • Make any device a smart device

Some of the fields we cover:​

  • E-Governance – our cluster partners are key players behind Estonian e-governance solutions. We are willing to share our experience of creating effective lines of communication between the government, businesses and citizens.
    Read more about e-solutions:  
  • E-Industry – armed with experience in building complex systems, we are efficient in utilizing this knowledge in the private sector, making any factory operate in real time as one integrated system.
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  • Smart mobility and logistics – ITS Estonia network (working under ICT Cluster) unites the intelligent transportation and logistic systems (ITS) community in Estonia. It provides You easy access to Estonian achievements in the field of smart mobility and covers a wide range of innovative solutions that help users increase the effectiveness, safety and sustainability of transport and logistics.

Estonian ICT cluster is the first cluster in Estonia
to obtain the silver label of the European Cluster Excellence,
the internationally recognised quality label.  

Contact: Doris Põld, Estonian ICT Cluster Manager
tel: +372 6177 145 mob: +372 511 4411

The Estonian ICT cluster project is co-financed from European Regional Development Fund.