ITL Mixed Choir

ITL mixed choir was founded on 25 August 2010 and operates under the name ITL Segakoor (ITL Mixed Choir NGO). The members of the choir mainly include people from the Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications (ITL) companies who are interested in singing and music, but the choir also welcomes other people with an interest in singing.

The choir members can participate in singing rehearsals and camps, voice instruction, note study and choral singing, and avail of vocal self-improvement opportunities led by professional conductors. The size of the mixed choir is currently 50 singers.

The chief conductor of the mixed choir is Paul Purga. The young choir conductor’s scholarship competition was won by Rasmus Laks. Rasmus has continued to contribute his youthful thinking and positive energy to the choir, and he supports the development of the choir in every way possible. For the last few years, Karin Salumäe has been training the voices of the choir as the vocal trainer. Choreographer Saima Kallionsivu and dance pedagogue Märt Agu have helped the mixed choir with choreography and dance steps.

The first performance of the mixed choir took place at the From Vision to Solution innovation conference in October 2010. To date, the choir has given public, usually charitable, performances at the Rakvere Punk Song Festival and Summer Song Festival, Nõva Etno Jam, Keila churches and culture centre, Tallinn Song Festival Grounds, Hopner House and cafés, IT College opening ceremony, ITL and other company events as well as at other festive occasions, harbours, airports, retirement homes and other public places.

The repertoire of the ITL mixed choir includes choir singing classics such as Läte, Hermann, Tormis, as well as Ellington and Gershwin, etc., but they also find time for modern composers, including Ehala, Tüür, Sisask, Uusberg and many others.

If you are interested in the activities or future plans of the choir, don’t hesitate to contact us at

In May 2024, a spring concert will take place in Riga, in which the ITL Segakoor will participate together with the Latvian mixed choir “Fēnikss” and the Lithuanian mixed choir “Libro”. Also choir will participate in May at Estonian ICT sectors rock concert RockIT 10. At the end of June, ITL Segakoor will take part in the performance of Verdi’s Requiem at the Berlin Philharmonic together with a combined choir of up to 1,000 members and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. The mixed choir has already started and will continue with the acquisition of the repertoire of the Song and Dance Celebration “ISEOMA” („My Own) in 2025.

In February 2023 the ITL Segakoor recorded the song “Isamaale” („To Fatherland“) written by composer Eino Tamberg to the words of an Estonian famous poet Juhan Liiv and presented the video on the Independence day of the Republic of Estonia.
After several corona years the choir participated in the international music festival in Thessaloniki, Greece in May.  The lively and brilliant perfomance at the final concert resulted in special audience award. At the beginning of June the choir gave an emotional and cheerful/spirited concert “Muuvikal” together with the EKA Chamber Choir.
In September, the ITL Segakoor was registered for the Song and Dance Celebration “ISEOMA” („My Own) in 2025. In December, the mixed choir gave a spectacular concert of S. Dobrogosz’s „Mass“ and M. Palmer’s Misatango or “Misa a Buenos Aires” in Jaani’s Church in Tallinn together with the project orchestra “Ventum”, soloist Maarja Purga, bandoneon virtuoso Kaspar Uljas, pianist Mari Visnapuumägi, “Vanalinna Segakoor ” and with the singers of the chamber choir “Kuule” (Finland).