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The ICT SMEs within the Central Baltic countries are in a challenging situation due to a very small size of fiercely compete domestic markets making it necessary to penetrate into new markets. Through joining resources it will be possible to elevate branding, join and jointly use available resources for market studies and promotion as well as establish constellations eligible for further expansion in the new markets.

The project ICT Meta Cluster aims to create a complete value chain offering 400 ICT-oriented companies in Estonia, Latvia and Sweden resources to generate first sales of their products and services at new markets, to expand the sales within the respective countries and regions, and finally to prepare for further expansion of the business activities.

By the end of the project, the ICT Meta Cluster is a validated ecosystem for establishment and further business expansion into new markets. The participating SMEs have an access and are familiar with the target markets’ export analysis, have received match-making results for their product in the target markets, have performed necessary adaptations of products and services as well as received support with export/import regulations. Finally, at least nine sales at target markets have been achieved. Project duration is 3,5 years.

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