In cooperation with its members, ITL has initiated the collection of best practices in several areas, on the basis of which good practices have been agreed or guidance materials-recommendations have been created.

Cyber Security recommendations

ITL encourages businesses and individuals to think about the basics of cybersecurity. Attacks and confusion in Estonian cyberspace have increased in connection with what is happening in Ukraine. The risk of companies falling victim to cyber attacks has also increased. In order to reduce this risk, ITL recommends to follow some rules.

Manifesto for secure software development

At a time when digitisation has become the norm in almost all fields, it is necessary to pay serious attention to the security of the digital space. The development companies that are members of the Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications (ITL) want to take on a greater role and responsibility in the secure development of the software they create and have signed a manifesto, i.e., the good practice of secure software development.