Dubai EXPO has already brought several business successes for Estonian companies

December 27, 2021

Two months at the Dubai World Expo have brought 80,000 visitors to the Estonian pavilion and business wins for both the IT sector and industry.

Arab countries have historically been known as good traders, and so this year’s World Expo is much more business-oriented. For those companies that have invested in participation and been active visitors, the first wins are already in hand,” says Andres Kask, head of the Estonian representation. However, the Estonian pavilion at the World Expo is not just for businesses. “It is also a place for active communication between pavilions and for introducing countries. The Estonian brand is still completely unknown to many visitors,” he adds.

The pavilion’s more than 40 partners include players in both the luxury and sustainability sectors.

Estonia has a strong programme of events at the World Expo, but the key to the whole venture is the willingness of our own companies to seize the opportunities here. “We are the only country to be a partner in the business forums organised by EXPO, and every forum has at least one Estonian on the big stage sharing our digital experience, which is a great privilege and opportunity for a small country to showcase itself. In addition, thematic seminars and receptions for national delegations take place every week on the business floor of the pavilion,” emphasizes Daniel Schaer, Commissioner General of Estonia.

The country’s chosen focus – to tell the success story of the digital nation – is precisely what sets us apart from others, according to Doris Põld, head of the Estonian IT Cluster. “Estonia’s presence has already raised our credibility and visibility in the UAE, and people want to talk to us more. In addition, unlike other countries, Estonia has managed to build a very strong business networking facility at the EXPO pavilion,” Põld stresses.

The Expo 2020 Dubai will run until the end of March and all Estonian companies will have the opportunity to use the pavilion for their events and business meetings.