LATAM delegation in Estonia

November 7, 2022

ITL Estonian ICT Cluster invited representatives of three countries from Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and Trinidad and Tobago and the Organization of American States (OAS).

After the meeting with ITL, the guests of Latin America (LATAM) received an overview of the Ministry’s role in cyber and digital diplomacy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia, the story of e-Estonia was told in the e-Estonia Briefing Centre and our startup ecosystem was introduced by a representative of Startup Estonia. Tuesday started with the meeting at Estonian Information System Authority. The LATAM delegation’s study visit in Estonia continued with lot of meetings.

As a result of the meetings and workshops held during last week, the discussion with the Organization of American States about the continuation of the training of the officials of the visiting countries as well as possible pilot projects in the field of data exchange were held. Since Estonia has already signed digital cooperation memoranda with two countries, Costa Rica and Trinidad & Tobago, and the ICT cluster consortium has already carried out an initial impact assessment in Trinidad & Tobago, a favorable ground for further activities has already been created. The training course further contributed to strengthening cooperation and agreeing on specific follow-up activities.

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