Tanzania Annual ICT Conference ’23

October 19, 2023

ITL Estonia has actively taken part in the Tanzania Annual ICT Conference (TAIC) (for the third time already), the theme of which this year is "Unleashing emerging technologies in the digital transformation for job creation and socio-economic development."

Kedi Välba (Aktors) participated in the panel discussion on the same topic, as well as in panel discussions related to interoperability and investment ecosystem for women-led startups in Africa. At Women in ICT Day of TAIC, she also shared her personal story of becoming the CEO of Aktors, inspiring young girls and women of Tanzania to be brave in following their dreams and ambitions.

In addition to participating in the discussions, the TAIC gave us a great platform to kick off our proof of concept (PoC) project on interoperability with the Tanzania ICT Commission and Ministry of Information, Communication and Information Technology under the AU-EU Digital for Development (D4D) Hub project. The PoC is the last leg of our activities in Tanzania under the D4D Hub – a digital maturity assessment has already been carried out by the e-Governance Academy and Aktors, which had a special focus on digital economy. It also provided ideas on how to better support the key areas related to the achievement of strategic objectives. The report was based on desk research and interviews conducted with Tanzanian stakeholders from the public sector, private sector, and civil society organizations, and was accompanied by a Digital Economy Roadmap setting out recommendations for concrete actions for the enhancement of digital economy in Tanzania.

On the sidelines of TAIC we also met with our TEAM Europe colleagues from the EU Delegation and Finland to share information about the ongoing activities on digital in Tanzania and discuss how the different initiatives could best complement each other in order to be of most benefit to our Tanzanian colleagues.

ITL Estonia is an implementing partner of the AU-EU Digital for Development (D4D) Hub.