Harnessing Digital Tech in Cybersecurity & Critical Infrastructure Protection

The event will gather political and business community stakeholders from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland, to discuss issues relating to the recent developments in the area of cybersecurity and critical infrastructure protection in the region.

Aim of the event is to dive deeper into the key policy, regulatory and geopolitical issues that surround the role of cloud computing in cybersecurity and digitization of critical infrastructure.

Conference Sessions

• Session 1: Cybersecurity & beyond: Enhancing security cooperation between countries

Given the geopolitical challenges arising from the war in Ukraine, there is an increasing acknowledgement need for more international cooperation among like-minded entities and of increased cybersecurity capacities to defend critical infrastructure and strengthen its resilience. The destructive cyber operations that accompanied Russia’s kinetic operations in Ukraine revealed how fragile essential government services and critical infrastructure are when operating on an ‘on-premise’ model. As we saw at the beginning of the war in Ukraine, services that were migrated to the Cloud are more resilient and agile as they can be defended more effectively due to advanced capabilities in identifying threats, preventing intrusions and mitigating impact of successful attacks. This panel will approach the priority targets in times of conflict and the way forward in the region.

• Session 2: Destination digital: Public and private sector cooperation in critical infrastructure protection and advancing digital transformation in the region

Partnership between government and industry can ensure national markets (and the EU as a whole) harness the full power of digital to drive growth, jobs and competitiveness. While state-of-the-art digital solutions bring unprecedented opportunities in digital transformation, it also depends on the establishment of fit-for-purpose regulatory framework. For the region and national economies to fully leverage their digital pedigree, lead on digitization and protect their critical infrastructure, governments, legislators and regulators should strive to deliver a fit-for-purpose regulatory framework that promotes the adoption of the most advanced digital infrastructure solutions across industries and public services. Through the lens of the Baltics and Finnish representatives, this panel will address solutions for critical infrastructure protection and the way forward for advancing digital transformation in the region and the efforts towards digital economic growth.

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The conference is organised by Estonian Association of Information Technology & Telecommunications (ITL), in cooperation with the Latvian national ICT association (LIKTA), Lithuanian national ICT association (INFOBALT), Finnish Information Security Cluster (FISC), Technology Finland, and in partnership with Microsoft.