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We would like to invite you to participate in ITL’s ‘back to School as a Teacher’ initiative „Science means Success” in March 2016!

What is it?
The purpose of the „Science means Success” initiative is to attract interest among young people in technology development and Real Sciences, and demonstrate ways they can be applied in practice in real life. Our proposal to you is simple – come and teach at least one lesson in one of the general education schools or vocational schools in March and courage your colleagues to do the same! Why not to talk also about science and personal experiences in language lessons in English or even other languages together with other lessons held in Estonian?! Last year, nearly 100 people participated in the “Science means Success“ initiative, and 180 lessons were held during the focus week. You can read more about “Back to school” project.

How to join the initiative?
This year you can choose between two options to go back to school:
Option 1: Turn it into a company event – just imagine how informative and memorable it would be for the students, and what a nice team event it would be for you if, for instance, about ten guest teachers from one company gave a lesson at same school! So, get your teammates together and let us know, which geographical area in Estonia and which subject you prefer, at ITL, will take care of the negotiations with the school.
Option 2: you can also go back to school individually. Register as a guest teacher in the “Back to School” information system and choose a school you like. If you wish to register in the “Back to School” system and go to school individually, please let us know so we can also add you to the mailing list where we share more detailed guidelines for registering in the system.

Why should I...?
Going back to school in Estonia as a teacher ad by giving a lesson will give you unforgettable experience! And by sharing your life and work experience with the students, you help students to relate things taught at school to practical life and contribute to creating a stronger link between the school, the new generation, society and the field of ICT. In other words – the young people you will meet in your classes may become the next generation’s developers, analysts, graphic designers or… why not the future employers as founders of smart IT startups!

If you’re still hesitating...
If you kind of feel like participating but don’t know what to teach the students or how to give a class, then you can find inspiration for ideas what to talk about and how to organize your class on you can ask help from colleagues who have been bck to school as a teacher already or comms or HR person within Your company. You can also write directly to me to ask some help.
On the ITL website we have compiled a bunch of last year’s materials and recommendations, plus a few sample lesson plans with exciting games (in Estonian).

To get all the information about the “Science means Success” initiative, find yourself a school and plan a team event for your company, please send us your participation request at .

Joseph Carson from Northern Ireland, sharing his “Back to School as a teacher” experiences

Looking forward to your participation,

Maarja Rannama
„Science means Success 2016“  Project Manager
+372 555 82 672